Pastoral Care Ministry

pastoral_care_1Do you have some spare time during the month? If so, perhaps you would consider joining our team for one of our activities held at the local nursing homes. These include woodwork and non-denominational church services.

The resident’s gain much enjoyment from our visits and it is appreciated by them and also by the staff. What we gain as a team is a truly uplifting and a pleasurable experience.

If you would like to discuss this further, please contact the Pastoral Care Coordinators through the Church office on 9707 1105.

Reaching Out Into the Community

We aim to communicate Christ’s love by our work within local aged care facilities seeking to enhance the care and support to the residents, family/loved ones and staff.

We are involved in providing socialisation and stimulation to the residents via woodwork, craft work and non-denominational church services.

Our team has been trained in Grief and Loss support and can provide palliative care support for residents and loved ones in the last difficult days.

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