Excellence at Christmas

At BAC activities and church services we want to give God our very best. Pursuing excellence gives God glory, and it communicates to our visitors our strong commitment to Jesus.

My prayer is that you will be inviting many friends and family to BAC services across December and Christmas.

I hope with me you will be confident that:

  • services will start on time and not go for too long
  • the music will be well prepared and uplifting
  • the preaching will be prayerfully prepared, Biblical, relevant and Christ honouring
  • there will be smiling faces at welcoming and good food to share after each service
  • there will be lots of people keen to say hello

I pray you will have confidence when inviting people to BAC.

In the 2016 National Church Life Survey we found that only 39% of BAC regulars had invited someone to church that year. We are working hard and praying so that this percentage can increase. May BAC become a more inviting and engaging church this Christmas!

Your Pastor,

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