Future Hope

As you know, yesterday Victorians were called upon to give their voice on who should be in government. When we go to the booths to vote this reminds me of the hope that we should look to for the future of our state. My vote is placing my hope in a particular leader and party, and placing my trust in them that they have will do their best for all people.

As we move into the Christmas season, what is it you hope for in the future? Presents? Family gatherings? A holiday? A longer holiday? God’s chosen people Israel were hoping for the long awaited Messiah. One who would shepherd his people in the strength of the LORD, so that there would be no more turmoil, no more exile (Micah 5:4). But Israel’s Messiah came looking a little different than they expected, so much so that many didn’t believe that Jesus was the promised one, and so they continued looking for hope when Jesus was right in front of them.

Sometimes as we hope we too can be distracted, even though Jesus is what Christmas is about. Instead of material things, we must remember the eternal hope laid out for us through trust in King Jesus. He has promised that one day he will return and for us to watch out for His coming!

So friends, what is it you hope for in the future? As you begin your Christmas shopping, planning for the holidays and spending time with loved ones, may you never forget the greatest hope that has come, and who we wait for to come again, Jesus Christ.

Reece Kelly
Assistant Minister

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