Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Jesus is precious. He is our Saviour King. He humbly entered our world. He alone forgives our selfish rebellion against God. He came to die as a perfect atonement for us. He is risen as a perfect advocate for us in heaven.

Jesus knows the burdens we each carry and he sympathises with us. He himself entered our world and he bore the gamut of human experience. God is not distant but ready and available through his Son. Do not neglect Jesus who is now king of kings and lord of lords, our coming judge!

I pray you will draw near to Jesus this Christmas and you will stay close to him into the new year. May 2019 be a time of walking in deeper confidence in Christ. At the BAC bookstall you can purchase a new Bible. May careful reading of the word of God guard and empower us in the coming year.

Your Pastor,

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